What is Multiwii

Multiwii is an open source project code which runs on Arduino bootloader based boards in order to fly a multirotor platform; was initially developed to support Nintendo Wii console gyroscopes and accelerometers . Its code evolved and now it includes support for the usage of magnetometers, digital barometers, gps, sonar; consequently new features are implemented and a very stable flight platform can be achieved with some field testing

It is able to control 1,3,4,6,8 motors with several form factors: tricopter, quadcopter + (plus), quadcopter X (xcopter), quad Y (4 motors, 3 arms), hexa Y (6 motors, 3 arms), hexacopter +, hexacopter X, hexacopter H (new model), octocopter X, octocopter flatp, octocopter flatx, flying wing, vtail, airplane, singlecopter, dualcopter, helicopter 120 ccpm, helicopter 90 deg.

The main difference with other open source project is that this code is not related with a commercial product. This means it will cover a variety of boards and sensor, with no need for specific and expensive products. Also this approach means that new boards and sensors are constantly addedd to newer releases.

Multiwii project code contains also a GUI (graphical user interface) so the use can connect the multicopter controller to mac,pc or linux machines for tuning parameters, configuring switches positions etc., but also the gui can give info in-flight thanks to the bluetooth tecnology, which is very cheap and easy with these kind of boards.

It also support video and imaging features such as camera trigger, camera gimbal. Or it can even be used as a standalone camera gimbal controller.

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