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Quadcopter how to reduce vibrations:prop spinners VS prop savers

This is how i achieve a little more stability reducing vibrations coming from motors using prop savers. First of all: I’m using old, not-so-balanced and not to smooth motors: Wich better test field for this very purpose? an exasperatelly unstable test platform can actually demonstrate if I’m right much better than a already stable platform where, probably, our improvement would be less perceptible that on Read More →


Flying with two cameras: 2$ gimbal testing + video feed + dvrecorder.

Hello! I just made a 2$ gimbal for my Multiwii aerial video platform in a word:my quadcopter. This gimbal is quiet easy to be built but, as you will see in the youtube movie i published below, it is not as good as i expected to be. Anyway this case i used th elive video feed camera from the aerial platform to test the gimbal, Read More →

Hexcopter FMS free model preview

Quacopter hexcopter, optocopter FMS models

Here I will illustrate how to obtain some multirotor aircraft models for FMS model simulator. It is very advisable to start practicing on a flight simulator. A flight simulator is very far from reality and movements ad physics laws are essentially faked so you will not be trained to predict aicraft movements reported for instance to the throttle channel, it will be totally different in real Read More →


Multiwii GY_80 config.h Download

Multiwii GY_80 config.h Download Here i leave this download available to me and all people who need help on how to configure the 9DOF gy_80 for multiwii. Remember to check my article about Multiwii anf GY_80 (available in italian here) because you have to read about the need either of using internal pullups (i didn’t do it) OR of using two external pullup resistors, on Read More →