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Mini flight controller AEORC v0.1 – How To connect motors and receiver

How to connect motors, servos  and rc receiver to Multiwii Mini Flight Controller w/FTDI Interface This post makes part of a complete guide to this flight controller. Unfortunately this products is no longer present in the hobbyking catalogue, but there is another good version which i would suggest in place of this one: MultiWii Lite V1.0 Flight Controller w/FTDI or, if you want to have Read More →

Configuration How To for Multiwii Mini Flight controller AEORC config.h

This article is part of a complete guide to the Multiwii Mini Flight controller with FTDI adapter, if you are here you should have read my other post on how to configure the FTDI / USB adapter on Mac Os X it could be useful also for windows machines (xp, 2000, server, ce5, ce6) as it contains links to download drivers. Well this is very Read More →

This image shows the Multiwii IMU GY_80

Multiwii MWC, Chinese 10DOF (codename GY-80) and Arduino Nano V.3: hooking and testing

Well, i just received my i2c sensors breakout board… Here it is what the Multiwii software configuration file config.h calls GY_80 or GY-80. There is no brand, no model, no serial. We know something just about single main components/chip: (Visited 19,897 times, 1 visits today)