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CJMCU-MEGA2560 picture

[How to] CJMCU-MEGA 2560, sensors and Multiwii: pinout and rx wiring

[How to] CJMCU-MEGA 2560: pinout and rx wiring Rx Receiver pinout is quiet easy as all usable pin for receiver are labeled! As you can see from the following image, you have AUX1, AUX2, AUX3, AUX4 and Buzzer. These are the pins on the opposite side of the FTDI port. (Visited 3,315 times, 1 visits today)

Multiwii Mini Flight Controller w/FTDI Interface – Features & Specs

Archived product Details The MultiWii is a gyro/accelerometer based flight controller that is loaded with features. This version of the MultiWii features the ITG-3205 3 axis Mems Gyro, Bosch BMA180 3 axis accelerometer and the ATmega  328P-AU MCU. It also has both an AVRISP header and FTDI Usb interface – covering the best of both worlds.  A great small form flight controller with expandability options Read More →


Multiwii Mini Flight Controller FTDI / USB Adapter on Mac Os X

This Article is part of a complete guide to the configuration of this flight controller and it will cover the steps needed in order to get the FTD / USB adapter correctly recognized and working properly under Mac Os X 10.7.5. I’m writing this post, about this very FTDI / USB adapter (AEORC) because i spent a considerable amount of time trying to get the Read More →

AEORC MultiWii Mini Flight Controller V 0.1 aka Multiwii Mini Flight Controller w/FTDI Interface

[HOW TO]Multiwii Mini Flight Controller w/FTDI Interface AEORC v0.1 – Configuration

  This guide will cover the steps needed to get the Multiwii Mini Flight Controller w/FTDI Interface a.k.a. AEORC MultiWii Mini Flight Controller v0.1 configured and flying in minutes. As i am a Mac Os X User, i will stay close to this operating system, and if requested, i will describe tha steps to be done in windows too.       (Visited 3,889 times, Read More →

This image shows the Multiwii IMU GY_80

Multiwii MWC, Chinese 10DOF (codename GY-80) and Arduino Nano V.3: hooking and testing

Well, i just received my i2c sensors breakout board… Here it is what the Multiwii software configuration file config.h calls GY_80 or GY-80. There is no brand, no model, no serial. We know something just about single main components/chip: (Visited 19,897 times, 1 visits today)