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The Code, in informatoin technology is a representation in a Human Readable form, of one or more machine instructions.
When you look at you notepad software you are looking at a sandwich of many layer of data representation. The first one, obviously is the copper, with electrical current intermittancy, wich represents the ones and the zeros. Humans write code, then a compiler turns this code into instructions wich can be interpreted by the microchip (nothing else than a gigantic logic path for the current, but miniaturized into a set of predefined,reusable patterns into the microchip). It’s astonishing thinking at the evolution of the electronic components and, obviously, at the evolution of the CODE needed to run these piece of hardware. No more than 20 years ago people who know how to write a computer program, were very few, and i was there.

Mini flight controller AEORC v0.1 – How To connect motors and receiver

How to connect motors, servos¬† and rc receiver to Multiwii Mini Flight Controller w/FTDI Interface This post makes part of a complete guide to this flight controller. Unfortunately this products is no longer present in the hobbyking catalogue, but there is another good version which i would suggest in place of this one: MultiWii Lite V1.0 Flight Controller w/FTDI or, if you want to have Read More →

This image shows the Multiwii IMU GY_80

Multiwii MWC, Chinese 10DOF (codename GY-80) and Arduino Nano V.3: hooking and testing

Well, i just received my i2c sensors breakout board… Here it is what the Multiwii software configuration file config.h calls GY_80 or GY-80. There is no brand, no model, no serial. We know something just about single main components/chip: (Visited 19,897 times, 1 visits today)