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BMP-085 Mounted on a Multiwii Mini flight controller Quad

Mini flight controller AEORC v0.1 – How To add a Barometer BMP085

This post is part of a complete guide to this the Mini flight controller AEORC. So i wanted to upgrade my Multiwii Quad, since i have some spare bosh bmp085 (digital barometric pressure sensor) to test and the I2C port is completelly free on my Multiwii Board, i will add this barometer i2c imu. This baro is already soldered on an IMU, so no need to Read More →

Multiwii Configuration: BASIC SETUP

BASIC SETUP The type of multicopter: GIMBAL: this is used just to pilot a two servo camera gymbal, This is used to add camera stabilization capabilities to an already existant platform BI: this is used for a non very common aircraft platform: the bicopter, a dual tilting motor. The Bicopter stability (especially in pitch) is its weak point having just two motors. Each motor is Read More →