Quadcopter how to reduce vibrations:prop spinners VS prop savers



This is how i achieve a little more stability reducing vibrations coming from motors using prop savers.

First of all: I’m using old, not-so-balanced and not to smooth motors:

Wich better test field for this very purpose? an exasperatelly unstable test platform can actually demonstrate if I’m right much better than a already stable platform where, probably, our improvement would be less perceptible that on the crappy one 🙂 funny but true.

Motor shaft:
And it turned out that the best solution is to load as less mass as possible on edge of the motor shafts, because the more weight in there, the more mass will vibrate so vibrations you’ll get, no matter how straight are your shaft, the prop spinner could not be so balanced as you might think.

Also i see there are a lot of motor/spinner combination which fit very tight and very close to the bell (actualli some of them miss the so-long shafts).

Prop Spinner:
Prop spinner are probably the less suspectable guilty part. They are very often belived to be well balanced but for my experience they are not. Also some of them are very heavy increasing the rotating mass next to the shaft which if unbalanced would procude a lot of “noise” for our sensor; and as first consequence we need to increase the threshold of our flight controller sensor. This will lead to a non 100% performant platform, so less resistive to wind, less precise in taking of and in landing and so. Another consequences which directly derives from unbalanced,heavy prop spinner is that stick movements will be much more “important” than on a smooth platform: this is indipendent from the flight controller used.


prop-spinners-VS-prop-savers:  there’s no paragon.

That’s why i decide to rip off those ridiculous gigantic prop spinner and use props saver instead for 2 reasons:

  • The more obvious: they load almost no mass over the propeller on the motor shaft
  • The second reason is they can actually be screwed at the very beginning of the shaft coming out from the rotor, thus reducing possible vibration caused instead by the shaft itself.After this operation i am able to increase the pots on a normal Hk v2.1 flight controller and consequentelly gain more stability and better video footages.

Here some image so you can have an idea:




prop-spinner: prop spinners keep the propeller far from the bell amplifying any vibration coming from a sligtly bended shaft.


prop-saver: the propeller is very close to the outer bell. this will reduce a possible bend of the shaft



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