Quacopter hexcopter, optocopter FMS models

Quadcopter 2 FMS model preview

Quadcopter 2 FMS model preview

Here I will illustrate how to obtain some multirotor aircraft models for FMS model simulator.

It is very advisable to start practicing on a flight simulator. A flight simulator is very far from reality and movements ad physics laws are essentially faked so you will not be trained to predict aicraft movements reported for instance to the throttle channel, it will be totally different in real life. But it is still very useful in order to train your cerebellum to react in the right way when your model is coming towards your direction and ailerons are totally inverted. Multiwii offers a very stable platform so you will not be required to do quick movements to prevent your mutiwii driven aircraft to crash. Anyway i think a little triaining is essential.

If you want to practice multicopter piloting on a flight simulator instead of repeatedly crash your multiwii aircraft you can:

The installation of FMS (Free Models Simulator) comes with several built-in models, but it misses any form of multicopter aircraft.

So you can freely download following models:

























If you have problems running FMS with windows 7/8/Vista, follow this thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1232609

If you want to use arduino as interface for your flight simulator and ANY rc receiver, follow this article:Arduino as USB flight simulator interface for ANY rc receiver

Comments are welcome, let me know which flight sim you use, which tx-rx system, if you discovered something new, etcCiao!


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