Multiwii GY_80 config.h Download

This image shows the Multiwii IMU GY_80

Multiwii 9DOF GY-80 or GY_80 Compact version

Multiwii GY_80 config.h Download

Here i leave this download available to me and all people who need help on how to configure the 9DOF gy_80 for multiwii. Remember to check my article about Multiwii anf GY_80 (available in italian here) because you have to read about the need either of using internal pullups (i didn’t do it) OR of using two external pullup resistors, on both SDA and SCL pin (joined to the vcc on the other side), otherwise you will not be able to fly this imu because of the unconsistent data sent to the arduino. This very case is particular because it seesm to be 2 version of this imu out there, and i didn’t even know if they come from the same producer or not. Anyway the one like mine with squard shape and with also pins to access single component on one side, and on the othes the I2C pins, another model instead is of a more rectangular shape like the one in this pic:



I didn’t yet tested in the real world, just connection and sensors on the mutliwii config GUI but so far all leads me to think it works almost fine. Tuning could be tricky.


I’ll keep this post up to date.


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