[How to] CJMCU-MEGA 2560, sensors and Multiwii: pinout and rx wiring

[How to] CJMCU-MEGA 2560: pinout and rx wiring

Rx Receiver pinout is quiet easy as all usable pin for receiver are labeled!

As you can see from the following image, you have AUX1, AUX2, AUX3, AUX4 and Buzzer.
These are the pins on the opposite side of the FTDI port.

photoThis makes things very easy.

If you have an ER9X enabled transmitter (th9x, turnigy 9x and other identical products under different brands) you have just one 3-fold switch: the one on the right upper side, the longest trigger, named “3POS” by ER9x (at least the version i’m using), labeled as “aux3 F. mode [mix]” on the transmitter.

Turnigy 9x 3-fold switch

Turnigy 9x 3-fold switch

For this reason if we wanted to use all available channels at their full range (3 positions instead of the two available by transmitter switches) there would be 2 ways:

  1. Use mix to combine 2 switches
    1. making the second work only if first is “ON” from 1000 to 1500 to 2000, 3 positions
    2. making the second work independently from first status

    Both these solutions are obtained using the mixing functions on the transmitter.

  2. Use potentiometers as rotary switch, it’s just 3 positions: min, max and middle. If you use R9x you can activate the option for a sound each time the switch reach the middle point. Also there are solutions to get a pot behave like a rotary switches. There are also “commercial solutions” i mean products with improper names so who doesn’t know how they are called will end to buy one of them: quest expensive (even 30 euro!). DIY is the answer at least this case.

I personally use features associated. For example, camera stabilization is always on, so i can get rid of this to be switched on and off: i need it, so i keep it working all time. This means that I’m free of a switch. Also the very same channel is used for arming the Multiwii in two different position (mid and max), so in combination with the a mix setup on my transmitter i can get barometer working with another switch. The only downside with this last solution is that each switch has the same “weight” so they work as SUM and not in combination: Let’s say that i can have 0,1,and 2 by turning off or on both or one of them, independently one from the other.

multiwii aux channel configuration

multiwii aux channel configuration

Turnigy 9x er 9x mix for aux 1 and 2

Turnigy 9x er 9x mix for aux 1 and 2

Stay tuned for connecting the IMU!

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