Configuration How To for Multiwii Mini Flight controller AEORC config.h

cropped-head.jpgThis article is part of a complete guide to the Multiwii Mini Flight controller with FTDI adapter, if you are here you should have read my other post on how to configure the FTDI / USB adapter on Mac Os X it could be useful also for windows machines (xp, 2000, server, ce5, ce6) as it contains links to download drivers.

Well this is very easy, you just need to know wich IMU to enable in the Multiwii configuration file called config.h OR you can download it from the link at the end of this post.

Obviously you should be able to upload all the multiwii package files to your board using the arduino ide. This is easy, just remember to select following parameters:


The type of multicopter

You have to set the type of multi/single copter you are going to use. It is not possible for this reason to give you any value for this, just uncomment one line, the one corresponding to your model.

Motor minthrottle

There are several settings to choose from already, anyway i found for turnigy 9x with ER9x the best setting is:

#define MINTHROTTLE 1140 //turnigy 9X – th9x with er9x

Motor maxthrottle

#define MAXTHROTTLE 1830 //for turnigy 9x – th9x with Er9x

Combined IMU Boards

#define MINIWII         // Jussi’s MiniWii Flight Controller

At this point, if you don’t have an lcd display or other devices like the gps or barometer, just comment out the gps section.

Also keep in mind that enabling and disabling features here, will impact on avaiable settings on your GUI, for this reason, just start setting correct parameters for a smooth flight, then you can go back to the code and uncomment lines for camera stabilization/trigger, aux channels (to be used to trigger camera or activate the titl compensation). You can add a barometer, or a magnetometer, then you should enable them in this file.

For lazy people, here you can download the complete package, you just choose the model you are flying from the very beginning og the config.h and you have done! (you should check also the radio settings for minimum and maximum throttle.



multiwwi-config.h-arduino-ide-mini-flight-controller-aeorcv0.1 – Click to enlarge


At this point, if you already configured your FTDI/USB adapter as described in my previous post, you should be able to open up the GUI and see things living. You have to choose the com port from the drop down menu on the left upper side of the app interface, then you have to click on “start” and see values changing as you move or shake your quad. I advice to not just copy settings you see on my gui as they are strongly related to my very platform, a little vibrating, but unique even if compared to another bult with same materials and components. You have to understand these values befor start changing. I will explain how you can relate thiese value with the weitgh of the frame, the distance between motors, the power of the motors and the trust  (depending on props/motor/esc combination).



Multiwii-configuration-gui-working-with-os-x-and-mini-flight-controller-aeorcv0.1 – Click to enlarge

You can also do all this things before mounting the board on your frame.

Remember to check my article about P I D settings, at least about what i learned about these settings.

If you have questions or advices, please leave a comment





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