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Multiwii Configuration: BASIC SETUP

BASIC SETUP The type of multicopter: GIMBAL: this is used just to pilot a two servo camera gymbal, This is used to add camera stabilization capabilities to an already existant platform BI: this is used for a non very common aircraft platform: the bicopter, a dual tilting motor. The Bicopter stability (especially in pitch) is its weak point having just two motors. Each motor is Read More →


Multiwii GY_80 config.h Download

Multiwii GY_80 config.h Download Here i leave this download available to me and all people who need help on how to configure the 9DOF gy_80 for multiwii. Remember to check my article about Multiwii anf GY_80 (available in italian here) because you have to read about the need either of using internal pullups (i didn’t do it) OR of using two external pullup resistors, on Read More →